What's that?

Prague in a box is literally a cardboard box with a piece of Prague packed inside. You choose a day and an hour for your walk – we’ll deliver a box by any address in Prague.

 What’s inside?

One day in Prague (4-5 hours approximately ), including everything you need: significant places in the city and unknown streets, secret paths and delicious coffee shops & pubs, funny stories and tips & tricks – and a bunch of small things that can be used during your Prague adventure.
There are English and Russian versions of boxes. 

It suits you, if you:

  • don’t like following unknown tour guide all day long.
  • lack time or simply don’t want to make a huge research before your trip, wasting hours on studying guides, books and forums about Prague.
  • love beautiful things, amazing stories and colorful design.



How is that?

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Why choose Prague in a box:

Read some reviews about Prague in a box tours – and you’ll find out!
And please don’t forget to add yours. We wish everyone to know and try unusual ways of travel: without “flag on a stick” guides, standard group tours and boring guidebooks. And we wish to make a lot of other types of boxes for you! ;)

About us:

5 идей, чем стоит заняться настоящей леди в Праге

Прагу часто называют северным Парижем. Чем еще кроме копии Эйфелевой башни на холме Петершины город может удивить? 

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