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We are Prague locals at the moment, but we’ve started as tourists 10 years ago. We know how hard it can be to discover a non-touristy Prague, authentic places and hidden city sides.
We started Prague in a box in 2016 to share our hard-won insider tips with tourists, travelers and all Prague visitors who are looking for an alternative ways to get to know Prague. We try to make their Prague travel easy and fun.
Our first Prague in a box is made for romantic couples, lovers and spouses. It’s a big (more then 85,000 only english speaking couples come to Prague every year) and complicated target group for any touristic services. Two’s company, three’s a crowd as we all know.

Now we can confidently say that our first traveling couples were happy with our Prague in a box guide, had a great time in Prague, even were making propose on the route (!) and recommend our romantic walking tour to their friends.
It fills us with proud and intention not to stop in creation of new Prague travel ideas and new boxes.

Daria Chernova
SMM specialist & journalist
A binding element and a compass. Invents, builds up, moves everyone in the right direction and ensures that all were satisfied.

Daria Arzamasova 
A flaming engine and an abnormal optimist. Draws, teaches to draw and believes in good people in this busy world.

Tanya Galitskaya
Guide & art critic
A walking talking encyclopedia. Already enlightened. Guides tourist circle-wise, squares-wise and triangles-wise. Tanya knows everything about Prague and a little bit more.


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